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After two years of hard work without a rest and dealing more technologies. I decided to return back to blogging in a weekly bases then I will increase it if I found a reason to do so.

But first I will answer some questions might come to your mind while reading this blog post:

Q: Who is Sami El-kady?
A: I am a solutions developer, working in Telecommunication field since 2001, developing solution for private, public and government sectors. assuming that I have a good technical background and experience to open this blog.

Q: Why to read these blog posts/topics?
A: this blog is similar to many blogs in the world wide web and nobody is obligated to read what I write, but it you see a benefit to read or accidentally found any interesting topic to you feel free to read it (if you want).

Q: What are the topics it will be discussed?
A: Actually I didn't define yet what it the major topics I can discuss in this blog as I have many things to share in many fields but in general I will write around technical field specially development and programming.

Q: Who is my targeted audience?
A: Developers, designers, project managers, business owners, Quality testers, security testers,…etc. and my be any body deal with the information technology field

Q: When?
A: once or twice a week as a start Sunday and Wednesday every week.

Q: will it be a habit?
A: actually it is but I stopped for two years for a personal reasons.

Q: what else?
A: I wish you find this blog as a good entrance and good reference to technology field. please enjoy you visit in my home and feel free to copy and share all content and resources but it will be good to refer some credit to me.

this post is an open discussion feel free to send me more questions to add and I will answer all questions

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