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JAVA BEGINNERS TUTORIAL – Dealing With Numbers 3

this how I review basics of a language to write what I reviewed in blog posts also it will be good interance for Android development. the good news now it become dialy as I need to review also other languages before release some open source case studies this blog post is the last one of […]

JAVA BEGINNERS TUTORIAL – Dealing With Numbers 2

Back to number methods and more function to discuss ūüôā toString() The method is used to get a String object representing the value of the Number Object. If the method takes a primitive data type as an argument, then the String object representing the primitive data type value is return.¬† If the method takes two […]

JAVA BEGINNERS TUTORIAL – Dealing With Numbers 1

From time to time I need to have a peek on the basics of any language I know for that reason I am wrting these toturial blogs. any programming language must have to¬†Work with numbers. in java is easy as we use¬†primitive data types such as byte, int, long, double, etc.¬† Example: int i = […]